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Seachange and M&S Energy give away £400,000

Seachange has launched an online campaign on behalf of M&S Energy to distribute £400,000 of funding between community projects with an interest in using renewable energy.

Our most recent work coincides with Marks and Spencer’s annual ‘Plan A 2020’ stakeholder event, where the company gave an update on the progress it has made against its environmental commitments, along with its view on the sustainable business challenges.

To mark the announcement that the company’s electricity is going 100% green, we have produced an eye-catching new nationwide competition.

Adam Elman, who is Head of Global Plan A Delivery at Marks and Spencer said: “One of our key sustainability aims is making Plan A more localised and relevant to the communities where our customers and employees live and work.”

“The M&S Community Energy Fund gets right to the heart of supporting our communities and provides a great opportunity for local green leaders to engage their community in the environmental and social benefits of renewable energy.”

We have worked closely with our energyshare team to create the initial application process for up to 5,000 active community groups in the UK.

If shortlisted, the projects will compete for public votes in a bid to top one of the 28 leaderboards and secure the investment.

Each leaderboard reflects one of the pots of money available: there are two national and 26 regional pots up for grabs.

“To mark M&S Energy’s electricity going 100% green, we want to help more communities in the UK to generate renewable energy and become environmentally and financially sustainable,” said Jonathan Hazeldine, Head of M&S Energy.

“The M&S Community Energy Fund will enable a wide range of groups to get their projects off the ground and we’re looking forward to hearing about innovative projects that will benefit local communities across the UK.”

Energy Minister, Lord Bourne, added: “We’re transforming the way we power homes and businesses up and down the country – boosted by initiatives like this from Marks and Spencer. This fund will bring greener, cleaner energy supplies to local communities and supports M&S Energy’s impressive move to source 100% of the electricity it supplies from renewable sources.”