The Telegraph Expat Directory

Seachange was approached by The Telegraph to produce a new online network for their lucrative expat community.

The brief was to create the go-to location for people living or working abroad, and to build the best online resource for expats and globetrotters.

Our solution was The Telegraph’s Expat Directory where users could add tags, ratings, comments, register their business or activity, upload pictures and videos, and suggest new categories to add to the list to grow the platform.

We also produced The Telegraph Expat’s annual Best of British competition, which aimed to find and reward the best of the UK – wherever it was across the globe.

We created a new brand, and used the Google Maps API to create a global picture of the community across the world.

Users could add a pin of their establishment, whether it was a great beach or bar they know, or a fantastic school, or recommend something like a shop or a doctor or a lawyer.

We added categories and a new tagging system to organise the content, and included a review and rating mechanic for expats living abroad.