River Cottage


River Cottage has given millions of TV viewers a taste for great cooking since 1998, when Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall first brought his famous food ethos to Channel 4.

It’s come a long way since those early days, and we’ve been at the centre of it since day one.

River Cottage HQ is home to everything they do and is the base for their Cookery and Chefs’ School, restaurant and events base.

There are also four restaurants across the Southwest and numerous partnerships with suppliers across the UK, including their new beer brand.

We lead on brand, creating the identity for all various elements that make up the famous orginisation.

We have produced and developed their website over the years, created over 100 hours of interactive online learning, a robust eCommerce platform, their mobile applications and established the influential social media channels.

We’ve devised the digital strategy to support 18 prime-time TV series for Channel 4, ensuring the company’s marketing targets are converted through their media exposure.

And now we produce the collaborative River Cottage Food Tube channel, part of Jamie Oliver’s award-winning umbrella brand.

In addition to delivering the business objectives, we have worked together on all of our hard-hitting campaigns.

Hugh’s Fish Fight, Chicken Out!, Fruitshare and Landshare have changed the eating habits of a nation and improved the welfare and sustainability of animals and fish.

So take a look at our portfolio of work, here on our website, for more information on all of these projects.