River Cottage Rising Star

Seachange was approached in 2013 to devise a recruitment campaign to raise the profile of their new apprenticeship scheme.

Our response to the brief was to produce a ground-breaking campaign, placing YouTube and Google+ at its core and our interactive video experience went on to uncover the best teenage chefs in the UK.

It resulted in 100% recruitment for the scheme, and was subsequently re-commisioned in 2014 with similar success.

Using a new set of styles we created an new identity for it held some of the similar values to the year beforehand, but felt new and exciting.

The new web series for the River Cottage Food Tube channel was launched back in July, when young hopefuls were invited to showcase their promise in an entry video.

All the entries were put to the vote by the sizeable River Cottage online audience and were eventually whittled down to 10 semi-finalists, who went on to face the judging panel in a series of online interviews.

The final five were then invited to the Rising Star final, fast becoming on of the company’s biggest events of the year, to produce a ‘Light & Easy’ dish – the theme of Hugh’s new book.