Hayley’s Choice

Coronation Street’s controversial right-to-die storyline at the start of 2014 gripped Britain in only way soap on TV can do.

The much-loved character Hayley Cropper decided to end her life to escape terminal illness, and it captured the imagination of a nation.
It’s a cause we passionately believe in, so we decided to hijack the social conversation with a direct campaign to record the verdict of the people.

We also took to the streets to produce a short film on the emotional subject, and were taken back by how many people are affected by this.

So we asked: does the law need to change to allow safeguarded assisted dying?

In the end we asked almost 4,000 Britons if they thought the law should be changed, and they overwhelming told us ‘yes’. We didn’t ignore them, and the campaign provided the foundation for our on-going work with Dying in Dignity, a fantastic organisation tackling the taboo subject.