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Team Ginola 0, Sepp Blatter 1

We were excited when former French international legend David Ginola turned to Seachange to launch his infamous bid to run for FIFA President.

The ex-Spurs, Newcastle United and Aston Villa man, together with Paddy Power and reform group ChangeFIFA, wanted to push out a unique crowdfunding campaign to replace Sepp Blatter, the most reviled man in world football.

And to do that, he needed the support of football fans across the world to mount a successful election campaign.

We couldn’t resist, and working closely with Paddy Power’s brilliant branding agency Lucky Generals we brought together our Crowdfunder platform and campaign experience to produce ‘Team Ginola’.



It quickly went around the globe, with Ginola saying: “The people who follow football should have a voice and a cause. My voice is theirs. My cause is theirs.”

We’re a sucker for a great cause, so we got behind it, but FIFA is a monster and we had our work cut out from the start. That didn’t faze us, though.

Our Creative Director Simon Deverell remains bullish: “Some ideas are insane enough to cloud your better judgement, but sometimes you just have to go for it. We knew the odds were stacked against us from the moment we started, but we love a good fight and David was so passionate about it.”

And as the football legend said: “If we lose, we win. If we win, we WIN!”

We guess we lost. Or have we won? Either way we got to meet the great man.

It was worth it.

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