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Listening to a nation

Earlier this year we met with the team behind Dignity in Dying to start the process of bringing a hidden, hushed and unspoken conversation to the ears and eyes of the nation. We talked of assisted dying.

We spoke at great length about how we could ask the UK how they feel about lawful assisted dying, if it should be made legal and how they felt it should be addressed; we talked of bringing a taboo subject into the public consciousness.

It was our aim and our intention to bring the human rights campaign to the UK masses using the power of digital. To place this campaign online, to give a voice to the silent majority and to broadcast it to the world using the website, the social networks and the video we created.

In order to listen to the thousands of voices and to amplify them, we created a website called, a film and a social media campaign that would tell the stories of real people and highlight the plight of thousands as they face terminal illness without choice.

Digital is changing the world on a mass scale, and is the start of one of the biggest human rights journeys the UK has to take in the 21st century.

Over 35,000 emails were sent to our political leaders and Lords ahead of the second reading of Lord Falconers bill.

Our creative director, Simon Deverell said: “From the very beginning Dignity In Dying have given the nation a debate and a conversation that needs to be addressed, talked about and brought into the open – no matter how uncomfortable that feels or how much of a taboo it seems.

“The campaign has given the nation the opportunity to be heard and importantly, given the opportunity for those affected to be strong, bold and brave about their opinions on assisted dying with the visible support of the public.

“The role of Seachange in this campaign was to become the amplifier of these voices, to provide the home for debate and the ability to record the passion of the people.


“Assisted dying is no longer a whispered conversation – the real voices are being listened to.”


Posted on July 18th 2014