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Bloomsbury hail ‘unprecedented’ campaign

Seachange and Bloomsbury Publishing recently teamed up to produce an ‘unprecedented’ marketing campaign on YouTube to promote Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall’s latest publication, River Cottage Light & Easy.

The 10-part web series, the first of its kind to feature the cook, was commissioned by the publisher to promote the new release and placed simple and gluten-free cookery at the heart of the River Cottage Food Tube channel for five weeks.

Seachange produced a social media strategy and email campaign to support the project, successfully leveraging the River Cottage and Jamie Oliver audiences to drive the book into the coveted number one spot on the Amazon book sales chart.

As a direct result the book was an across-the-market bestseller with the top retailers, reaching sales of 70,000 globally.

The campaign underlined a global appetite for Hugh’s new recipes with viewers in 172 counties with one in 10 of all views coming from the USA, Canada or Australia.

Indirectly the channel, part of Jamie Oliver’s umbrella brand, saw a 20% rise in subscribers and drew 160,000 video views, with almost 500,000 minutes in total watched by cookery fans around the world.

YouTube is a particularly effective marketing channel because its viewers are highly engaged with the content they are consuming, and are less likely to be distracted than using traditional media such as TV or radio.

Seachange’s Creative Director, Simon Deverell, added: “The launch of Hugh’s latest book suited the Food Tube channel perfectly and it allowed YouTube to become part of the fabric of Bloomsbury’s marketing strategy.”